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JESCO knows how important happy clients are and great experience in a wide range of projects is important for us to understand your for project. 


Words from our Clients

"I have 35 years of construction experience and 20 years of project management and have worked alongside Jesco for the last several years. I have been impressed by their professional- ism and working knowledge in their field. They require minimal supervision or direction and the quality of their work is well above standard. They have been engaged to complete several of my projects and I can honestly say I would prefer not ever having to use another electrical contractor on my projects."

– Jack Collier, E.D.M. Interiors

“I would like to recommend JESCO Electrical Contractors Ltd for any of your electrical needs, my experience with them was awesome. From working with us to provide the right fixtures and accurate pricing to a timely and professional install and maintaining a spotless worksite. I can’t say enough good things about this company.”

– J. Holmes, Arena Operations Team Leader, City of Airdrie

ENMAX Power Corporation / ENMAX Corporation

  • Service upgrade for Substation 14 including connection of new HVAC system
  • Service upgrade for Substation 15 including connection of new HVAC system
  • Manhole Inspections
  • Safety Watch and Escorted Visits for non-qualified utility workers at ENMAX facilities
  • Provide 2 Utility Safety Codes Officers throughout 2017 & 2018
  • Wiring of new Electrical Vaults / Manholes
  • Various electrical maintenance and general repairs throughout ENMAX owned infrastructure such as Substations, Vaults, Manholes

City of Airdrie

  • Plainsmen Arena – Exterior Lighting
  • Plainsmen Arena – 347V Panel Replacement and re-wire of arena lighting
  • Plainsmen Arena – Replace Arena Lighting with 347V LED fixtures (removal of over 200 fluorescent bulb fixtures and replace with 49 high bay LED fixtures)
  • Ron Ebbesen Arena – Remove Transformers reducing service from 347V to 120V
  • Ron Ebbesen Arena – Replace Arena Lighting with 347V LED fixtures in both arenas


  • Wiring of custom-built 5,000-sqft acreage home including 5 bedrooms, office, 2 laundry facilities, hair salon, and 5 washrooms. Includes underground service installation from power pole to new home
  • Siksika Nation Flood Rebuild Project – Wire basement and Install service for 20 pre-built homes moved onto foundations for the Siksika Nation
  • General service calls

Various Agriculture Projects

  • Wire and Installation of pole mounted LED lighting in pens
  • Wire Cattle Squeeze motor
  • Installation of overhead power poles and lines to feed new waterers and buildings throughout farm
  • Removal of overhead services and installation of underground services
  • General Service Calls