High Voltage Services

High Voltage Power distribution refers to the power voltage of more than 750 volts.

High Voltage Services Offered

High Voltage Power distribution refers to the voltage of more than 750 volts. In many cities, universities, industrial complexes and corporate campuses across the country power needs to be distributed from these high voltage power ratings to the lower voltages for industrial or commercial applications. These networks require continuous inspections and maintenance.

JESCO Electrical Contractors has highly trained personnel with over twenty five years of experience as a high voltage electrical contractors working in and around sub-stations and underground vaults, manholes and duct banks. Our personnel are trained in confined space, air monitoring, rescue procedures, fall arrest, and first aid. We are ready to help with your high voltage networks whether they are in a city street, alley or on a private campus.

When you need a high voltage electrical contractor choose the experts at JESCO Electrical Contractors.

General Deficiency Inspections and Maintenance of High Voltage Equipment:

Thermal Imaging, Manhole/Vault Equipment Inspections, HV Breakers, Pad Mount Transformer Inspections, Sub-Station Inspections, Battery Maintenance, Vault Cleaning

Aerial Platform Services

Qualified Utility Employee (Q.U.E.) Safety Watch

Tending Worker

Emergency High Voltage Services

Emergencies can happen at any time – day or night. If you are having an electrical emergency please call our 24 hour emergency line at: 403-934-7601. Please provide us with the details of your electrical emergency. If immediate response is required, our electrician will respond as quickly as possible with a well-supplied truck and the necessary tools to resolve most problems.

If someone has been injured, call for emergency medical services ASAP.

High Voltage Service

JESCO’s employees have years of experience with electrical Substations and High Voltage distribution equipment. Our certified PSE’s (Power System Electricians) are available to provided safety watch, and inspection services for such equipment.

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