About Us

JESCO Electrical Contractors Ltd. is a COR certified bonded family owned electrical contracting business established in 1999. JESCO’s experienced staff have developed a reputation for setting high standards and providing quality workmanship to our customers in a safe and timely manner. We employ, on average, 25 employees with experience ranging from first year apprentices to master and journeymen electricians, power systems electricians and power linemen.

JESCO has completed many projects in each of the industrial, commercial, oilfield, agricultural, residential and utility fields. Our high voltage division has been engaged for many years in the areas of maintenance, inspection and thermal imaging for a major Alberta utility company.

Our goal is to maintain our status as a quality electrical contractor with high integrity, excellent service and provide higher than expected service for the client, project, and community. We promote safety, education and growth throughout our organization.

Emergency Call:   (403) 934-7601